Phone Systems

Large homes have different needs when it comes to a good phone system. If you pick up the phone in one room, and walk to another part of your home, you need to be assured that your call will not be dropped. To support long distances between the phone and the base, we offer our residential customers our Panasonic advanced telephone system.

Panasonic's communication systems provide your business or home office with efficient and cost-effective methods of communication that keep you connected to your business partners, customers, and even family members.

The Hybrid IP-PBX offers the ultimate solution for your office in the digital age by synthesizing voice and data to give a low-cost intelligent communications environment.

Panasonic's digital telephones are stylish, easy to use and efficient. They feature, among other things, ID display of up to 20 characters, easy to view message/ringer LCD, navigation keys for quick and easy operation, etc.

Home Surveillance Systems

When it comes to your home, you want to make sure that your family and personal belongings are secured. No one does home surveillance and security better than Home Theaters of South Florida.

We can equip your home with a wired or wireless system, and can provide you with the surveillance cameras, alarm systems, sensors, automation and controllers to make it all work. Call us today. Don"t wait until it is too late.

Structured Wiring

Homes that are built today without an upgraded wiring system will not be able to expand to accommodate the demands of new technologies. Without such wiring infrastructure, Homes will not be able to retain value. Structured wiring in your home will add value and will make it more attractive if you ever desired to sell.

Structured wiring combines all the technological wiring in your home. This can include your network, digital telephone, surveillance video, audio, digital alarm, remote control and all your evolving technologies needs.